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T4 Unit Test Constructor

T4 Unit Test Constructor is a Text Transform file that generates complete Unit Testing project based on siblings projects inside a solution.


  • 1rd Release (1.0)


  • Read all siblings projects inside same solution within unit test project
  • Create same folders structure
  • Find all *.cs files and create with (filename)test.cs
  • Find classes & methods generating (classname)test with theirs propertyinfo & (methodname)test with theirs parameters
  • Generate all public classes decorating with TestClass
  • Generate all public methods (excluding constructor and properties) decorating with TestMethod
  • NEW Copy all assembly references from siblings projects to the Unit Test project


  • This is a personal open source project. Started in 2013 for developer purpose.
  • Not recommended for production environments. Test first at local projects.
  • Please, feel free to add suggestions.

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